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Reduce Your Blood Pressure with Red Wine!

UC Davis Med School Researchers show that Resveratrol does the job!

If you’re worried about maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, then you should be very interested in Resveratrol. That’s because first and foremost, red wine extract is a vasodilator which means it opens up your arteries and capillaries to rush more blood and oxygen to your organs.

When you take red wine extract, you give your arteries, capillaries, veins and heart great circulatory support without the headache or dizziness! Red wine extract supports strong blood vessels by strengthening their walls. It also keeps damaged, stretched or stiff blood vessels from leaking. This all helps regulate blood flow and pressure, so that oxygen-carrying blood is delivered to your tissues and organs.1

The first human study with Resveratrol conducted by UC Davis Med School researchers shows that Resveratrol reduced blood pressure. And the higher study participant’s LDL level, the greater drop they experienced!

(1) Folkers, K., er al., Journal of Optimal Nutrition, 1993; 2(4): 264-74.

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